Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Usher and Adam Levine Cover D'Angelo's "How Does it Feel" aka "Untitled," also Grimme vs. Jena Irene--- What? (Video)

Yes, last night on NBC's The Voice, the three finalists performed (Christina Grimme, Josh Kaufman, and Jake Worthington) quite well, but seriously, two of the show's judges stole the night. Usher and Adam Levine covered D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)," and um, what can I say but, "Damn! That was sexy." The women in the audience went out of their minds, screaming. I'm surprised panties didn't rain down on the stage.

Also, Christina Grimme performed Elvis's "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You." Did that have anything to do with Jena Irene's rendition of the song on American Idol?

Here is the D'Angelo (born Michael Eugene Archer) version, which is rated "mature audiences."

As for the contestants, it's anybody's game, but I have a feeling it will be "YouTube sensation" Christina Grimme (Adam-coached). The girl can sing her little behind off, but I'm more likely to buy a song by Josh Kaufman (Usher-coached) because I prefer his tone. The country kid this season is Jake Worthington (Blake-coached), and he has as much chance of winning as the
other two. He's likable, talented, and singing America's most popular music genre.

Christina Grimme vs. Jena Irene

Grimme performed professionally. She's ready to record, but I didn't believe her little speech about why she chose to sing Elvis Presley's classic "Can't Help Falling in Love With You." I think the truth is that the show's producers encouraged the selection. It's too coincidental that idol finalist Jena Irene had already wowed the Idol audience this year singing the same song, and we all know that The Voice and American Idol compete with each other. Anyway, here are both Jena Irene and Chritina Grimme's versions. Whom do you prefer?

Jena Irene

Chistina Grimme

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