Saturday, August 30, 2014

Facebook's save feature: You can avoid the "like"

Last night, discovered the "save" feature on Facebook. It lets you save links your friends share. When I wrote the status above, quite a few of my friends said they had no idea Facebook had such a feature. However, one said the feature, which she loves, debuted a few weeks ago.
As I wrote, then "Do you know how many things I would save instead of like? I should have a $ for every one." 
Here are some screenshots to help you use that feature, too..

1.) See that little downward pointing arrow on the top right of the post? Click it. The "save" option shows up in the list of options on other people's posts.

2.) When you need to find your saves, go to your home page, look on the side bar, and click "saves."

3.) And you're done!

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