Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The evolution of Rebirth Brass Band: Rebirth Groove

Boy, I wish I had the fortitude to go see Rebirth Brass Band at the Maple Leaf tonight. I was just there Sunday for a poetry reading, but bands draw much larger crowds than poets, and I really have to be in a certain mental state for a mass of folk.

Basin Street Records recently posted a new music video from the band, "Rebirth Groove."

It struck me that the band is using a greater variety of modern jazz, jazz funk, and jazz fusion elements in their work than they did say, fifteen years ago.

When I say a "greater variety," I'm thinking of some of their older pieces like "Do Whatcha Wanna" and other tunes from that album. Also, I'm not saying that they didn't have those elements before, just that in "Rebirth Groove" more elements are amped up, more feels improvisational. Naturally, they still have those moments that say, "We're still a "New Orleans brass band" with roots in New Orleans jazz, but they've definitely broadened their musical palette.

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