Friday, October 24, 2014

Macy Gray at Tipitina's, great show

On Wednesday, October 22, thanks to a friend with an extra ticket, I got to see Macy Gray at Tipitina's in New Orleans. It's a standing-room-only intimate venue with quite a colorful history, so by the time we walked back to our cars my feet were on fire. But seeing Macy was worth the pain. She is not only talented, but funny and down-to-earth. She's also 6 feet tall in her stocking feet. I didn't know that.

Near the beginning she sang one of my favorite's of hers, "Caligula," as well as some others such as "A Moment to Myself." But she also performed new material: "Bang Bang," for example. Closing with her greatest hit, "I Try," she led the audience in a sing-along, which you'll see in the video. But I'm not sure we needed her to encourage us to sing with her, as you can see.

Macy also told us a funny and creatively embellished story (I'm sure) during the middle of the concert about why she and her band came "all the way from Los Angeles" to New Orleans. Her guitarist, she said, played an instrumental part in their decision. I wish I had recorded it, but one of the reasons they came, other than New Orleanians party and drink a lot, was "the women in New Orleans have the best vaginas in the world." The audience cheered both the drinking and the vaginas.

That statement brought back memories of V-Day 2008 held at the Superdome. Eve Ensler declared then, "New Orleans is the vagina of America!"

Cary Nokey opened for Macy. I was unfamiliar with him, but he is also gifted. He has a great voice, great hair, and he definitely gave the crowd its money's worth in entertainment.

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