Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Personal Goodbye to All That for 2015 and Hello 2016

We humans love to make resolutions for the New Year. I don't really do that, but I think New Year's Eve is a good time reflect on 10 things I did in the year that's ending that I would prefer not to do again and to have in mind ways to become better at living life. Naturally, some of the issues end up on the list year after year, but since this is my first time sharing my list publicly, who will know which ones repeat?

Here's my list for 2015.

  1. If I've said anything to anyone about my ex -- good or bad -- even as an example to help somebody and other than as required to communicate objectively with our offspring, goodbye to all that.
  2. I make too many wisecracks about my failing memory, which probably makes it more likely that my memory will fail, so goodbye to all that.
  3. I put down my own poetry. When I do that, people tend to compliment my work. I never feel compliments are genuine when they result from sympathy and then self-doubt creeps in because of it, so goodbye to all that.
  4. I've spent too much time watching television instead of doing things that will enrich my life. I love TGIT on ABC and SyFy series, but Shonda Rhimes and NBC Universal stockholders have already made their millions. Where are mine? So, goodbye to all that.
  5. I admit my addiction to Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean ice cream and my cake thing, also that I can't seem to stick to an exercise regimen. I probably set impossible goals instead of goals that stretch me but are reasonable, so goodbye to all that.
  6. My MFA mentor is pressuring me to submit my writing to literary magazines. I think I must still suffer from fear of rejection. I have been resistant to almost all things literary and generally grumpy about my poetry, so good-bye to all that.
  7. I've been avoiding learning new coding skills and food recipes, but not learning anything new is the fastest way to lose the ability to learn anything new, so goodbye to all that.
  8. When great ideas for fiction and nonfiction pieces pop into my head, I don't stop and record the ideas or take notes, stifling my own creativity, so goodbye to all that.
  9. Thank God I don't worry about what other people think as much as I used to, but I still worry about what other people think too much, so goodbye to all that.
  10. I have a ton of books on my shelves that I haven't read or I need to reread, but for whatever reason I don't get to them. In general, I procrastinate, so goodbye to all that.

This new year, 2016, will be the year of me becoming a better me. If that means I go through hermit periods, then so be it. What are you leaving behind in 2015 so you can move forward in 2015?

Note: The picture used in this post is a cover from the new covers for the 2012 reprints of Octavia Butler's books. This picture is on her book Wild Seed from her Patternist series.

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Patricia A. Patton said...

Love this. I am saying goodbye to the pursuit of high level multi-tasking because I no longer do that at a high level. I am saying hello to FOCUS (ing).There is no reason for me to flog myself because I don't do that as well because I do other things better. Therefore I am moving with the trend to outsource the stuff that others do better than me in other to get my stuff out.