Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Prince plays songs from his vault in concert, 2009 (video)

I came across this treasure on YouTube, His Purple Highness performing songs from The Vault:  Old Friends for Sale and other jazz pieces in a Los Angeles concert, 2009. I bought a copy of the album a few years ago. The concert is so much more. BTW, Chaka Khan also appears during the show singing her song "Sweet Thing."

The album Old Friends for Sale includes not only the same-titled song but other lesser known songs of his such as "Five Women," "She Spoke to Me," and "Extraordinary." It's a pretty short collection. Given his death, the song that gets me now on the album is "My Little Pill," a brief tune indicating addiction to prescription medication.

Prince was a gift to the planet. There will never be another like him.

In other news about The Purple One, supposed previously unknown offspring are announcing themselves so they can get a piece of the Prince estate pie. They must take DNA tests, a judge ruled. Carlin Q. Williams, the Colorado inmate who claimed to be Prince's son, has already failed his test. The courts could have saved itself money on that one. The 39-year-old does not look anything like the star, not even Prince from the 70s.

Even possible half-siblings have come forward. I know of one Prince half-sibling who is definitely his sister, or at least he acknowledged her as his sister. I'll be surprised, however, if any of the alleged offspring are genuine because Prince wanted a child of his own pretty badly. If he knew of one, he would have acknowledged the kid when he was alive.

On the other hand, he had so many gatekeepers that it's possible a son or daughter did try to make a case to him that he or she was his child, but Prince never got the message.

I still can't believe that he didn't make out a will because he seemed to take care of business otherwise. Of course, dead at 57 is fairly young today. Most people don't think that they may die too soon. As for Prince, his physical body is gone, but the body of his work is immortal.

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