Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Christina Grimmie wins the night with a Drake song on The Voice, but what was up with Adam's phone number?

For the first time this season, I saw something unique in Christina Grimmie on NBC's The Voice. I never doubted whether this little girl could sing, but last night when she performed her take on Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home," I saw star power. She transformed it into an acoustic performance on piano.

As usual, I enjoyed Josh Kaufman; however, his rendition of Kenny Loggins's "This Is It," didn't move me the way some of his other performances have.

Sisaundra Lewis sang Steve Perry's "Oh Sherrie", and naturally blew out the system, but catch her bow at the end. She bows like an opera diva or trapeze artist. It bothers me to no end. Nonetheless, the sister looks like a goddess.

Every one else performed well. Despite that, however, someone must go home. I like Delvin Choice's voice. It's powerful, and he reminds me of Jeffrey Osbourne of LTD who had success as a solo artist as well, but due to the style of music he prefers, I wonder whether he'll make it to the finals. There's nothing wrong with songs like "Bright Lights," but I don't think the larger number of voters who vote for contestants on The Voice, will vote for that style over some of the other styles that tended to be performed. Also, he doesn't seem to connect the way Josh Kaufman, for instance, does.

As far as Delvin's performance last night goes, that ending Adam had him do on Gary Clark's "Bright Lights Big City" came off as odd, no matter what Adam says. It seemed more like a mistake than the exciting flourish intended. Even Carson wasn't sure what was going on. If he'd been on stage for his big pause, it would not have seemed so odd, and I really didn't like Delvin asking the crowd, "Do you know my name?" Hokey.

Finally, what was up with Blake tweeting Adam's phone number on Twitter? I think Adam was actually pissed off and not pretending. I know that I would have been angry if it had been me. Even with a staff, I'm sure changing a cell phone number is a pain in the rear. So, was Blake drunk or what?

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