Friday, August 15, 2014

National Moment of Silence 14, New Orleans, #NMOS14, in solidarity with Ferguson protesters (Video)

National Moment of Silence
New Orleans, Louisiana
August 14, 2014

A nonviolent vigil held in solidarity with the
Ferguson, Missouri, protests to honor the
memory of Michael Brown and all other victims
of police brutality and vigilantism.

Organized via Twitter
and other social media
by @FeministaJones, #NMOS14
prompted vigils nationwide.

Approximately 200-plus people
participated at Lafayette Square
on St. Charles Avenue.

The young woman speaking in the video is
a Dillard University student named Chanelle,
aka @WhatTheNelle_12 on Twitter.

According to her T-shirt, she is also a
member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Names read during the moment of silence included
Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, Wendell Allen,
James Brisette, Henry Glover,
Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Ronald Madison
Patrick Dorismond, Oscar Grant,
Sean Bell, Kimani Gray, Renisha McBride,
and too many more called to "rest in power."

Shanelle also said that young people like her are said to be
apathetic and not to care, but the young people at the vigil
should show the world that they do care.

She said that police brutality and vigilantism is not
only a Black problem, but everyone's problem.

And as a sign-up sheet was passed around, she added
that it's important to mobilize to reduce
other acts of violence in New Orleans.
Too many bodies on our streets.

We never know how near we are to those touched
by violence. During the vigil, next to me stood Emily,
the young woman with the sign.

Emily lives in New Orleans and is
Michael Brown's cousin.

Her sign says:
"Be angry.
Be outraged.
Don't be

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