Monday, October 13, 2014

Dr. Cornel West arrested at Moral Mondays protest, Ferguson (Videos)

cornel west arrested in ferguson

Above, veteran social justice activist, Dr. Cornel West, is handcuffed and arrested in Ferguson, Missouri. From RT article:
NBC News reported from Ferguson that West and others had attempted to create a makeshift memorial outside of the police station on Monday for Michael Brown, a local teen shot two months ago this weekend by a Ferguson cop, but arrests began soon after when demonstrators reportedly breached caution time and advanced towards the station.

In this video, West is shoved a bit in crowd's scuffle with police.

Protest video from USA Today, which previously said Ferguson has gone from protests to a movement.

From USA Today, October 13:
FERGUSON, Mo. – Police arrested clergy and activist academic Cornel West on Monday as they led hundreds of protesters in a march to the police station to draw attention to police shootings nationwide.

The protests Monday were the culmination of "Ferguson October" – four days of activism and civil disobedience sparked by the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed, 18-year-old black man, by a white police officer on Aug. 9 in this St. Louis suburb.
On the Big Picture RT, Thom discusses the renewed protests in Ferguson, MO with Radio Talk Show Host and Activist Joe Madison.

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