Friday, November 14, 2014

Internal decapitation in real life, atlanto occipital dis-something (Video)

It's in the news again, atlanto occipital disarticulation. However, this time it's being called atlanto occipital dislocation. When I wrote about this way to die in 2010, I did so because the term was used on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles. This times I noticed it because it happened in real life.

Channel 9, serving Lakewood, Colorado, reports that a "Centennial man survived internal decapitation." Last month John Boyer, 25, was ejected from the back seat of his friend's SUV when his friend fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the vehicle. The SUV jumped the guardrail and flipped over a few times. As a result, Boyer, who was not wearing a seat belt, awoke in the hospital where he was told his skull had separated from his spine. Read more at Channel 9.

This can happen after a severe whiplash, according to a guest doctor on The Doctors, but it's still very rare. Nonetheless, you'll find videos that discuss other cases on YouTube. Rarely do people survive this horrific injury.

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