Saturday, April 30, 2016

So,, Prince, and Michael Jackson walk into a Vegas bar . . .

Having gotten into several debates about who's the greater genius, Prince or Michael Jackson, I love this story tells Ellen Degeneres on her show in the video above.

The public's always been curious about the tension between Michael Jackson and Prince, which is why I've posted on the topic of their intriguing relationship in the past. Notice I did not say that the two were friends and neither did I say that they disliked each other. I only say that there was a tension, which is a little different.

According to Prince, there was no rivalry between the two of them. In any case and for whatever reason, Prince seemed to raise an eyebrow more at Michael than vice versa, particularly at the story people would tell about Prince turning down being in Michael's "Bad" music video.

Aside from the effective comedic timing and impersonations shows in this video, his representation of Michael as childlike also sticks with me. The Black Eyed Peas star quotes Michael as saying, "Oh, rats!" which is so old-school-kiddie that it makes me think again about the allegations against the King of Pop. It's still possible, as I've told others before, that Michael simply behaved with those children as though he were a child and nothing more.

Prince, however, never seemed to be a child, just playful and funny a times, sexy most others.

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Yes, I'm still a bit weepy over Prince's death. That's a pain that will probably never go away, but I'm also dancing and laughing much of the time because I've always appreciated Prince's sense of humor and his eccentric nature, which is one of the reasons I appreciate the story. Another amusing Prince story I love is Kevin Smith's tale of trying to talk to Prince about using his music in a documentary. And then there's Prince himself shaking his head at his audience singing "Cream" off key during his Musicology concert. He tells them later that he wrote "Cream" while looking in the mirror.

 I so wish he had released a totally acoustic CD. Of course, maybe he does have the makings of one in his infamous vault of unpublished music. According to ABC news, there's enough music in Prince's vault to release a Prince album every year for the next century.

H/T to my writer friend Max Reddick for sharing the Ellen video on Facebook.

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Tee said...

It is May, almost 1 month later and I am still in mourning - even a bit weepy (though, i've not really cried... like I did when MJ died... that was my childhood dying) found your blog via photo links - will check out more :-)