Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Paula aka Whip Snap Brings the Drama, as predicted, on SGTL

Okay, so Paula Thomas aka WhipSnap from the SciFi Channel's Who Wants to Be A SuperHero and now of TV Land's She's Got the Look is not the one who cried "I won't let anyone make me feel bad about the way I look," like I thought. Hope said it. But Paula still cranked up the drama tonight, weeping about self-esteem issues regarding "having muscles" and "walking hard" and not being born with blonde hair and green eyes.

The judges did not eliminate Paula, and I still think the produers know she's lying about who she is, her age, experience, etc. I lean toward believing she's a deliberate plant for the sake of creating drama.

Tonight the major challenge was posing nearly nude and in a group.

Tonight the judges eliminated Kathy, and it seemed they did so because they thought she was more committed to being a mom than to being a model. They made clear that Wilhelmina Models, one of the show's producers, didn't think being a model conflicted with being a mom, however. The judges also eliminated Sharon, the 63-year-old.

I'm starting to suspect that Paula's not the only one faking on this show.

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